Deep Diving Simulator-Razor1911

rlsop May 27, 2019

Deep Diving Simulator-Razor1911

Deep Diving Simulator-Razor1911

Razor 1911 proudly presents:
Deep Diving Simulator
(C) Jujubee S.A.
Date: 2019-05 Game Type : Simulation
Size: 1 Disc Protection: N/A
Size: 2.43 GB

Download: rzr-deepdivingsimulator.iso

Game Notes

Deep Diving Simulator will enable you to experience what it takes to be a
modern diver. With relaxing exploration, you will discover the uncharted
waters of the world while carefully monitoring your oxygen level and
decompression. Gather forsaken relics, visit sunken vessels, discover unknown
species and be rewarded by Professor Adams for your findings. Each submerge
gives you the opportunity to uncover mysteries that would prefer to remain
forever forgotten, such as the lost city of Atlantis.

Install Notes

1. Unpack
2. Mount or Burn iso
3. Install
4. Have fun!

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