Mr Shadow-Till I Die-CD-FLAC-1999-FATHEAD

rlsop May 26, 2019

Mr Shadow-Till I Die-CD-FLAC-1999-FATHEAD

Mr Shadow-Till I Die-CD-FLAC-1999-FATHEAD

ARTIST: Mr. Shadow
TITLE: Till I Die
LABEL: East Side Records
TYPE: Retail
BITRATE: 969 kbps avg / 44.1kHz / 2 channels
PLAYTIME: 1h 06min total
RELEASE DATE: 1999-00-00
RIP DATE: 2019-05-25
Tracks: 16

Track List:
01 Till I Die 4:06
02 What Goes Around Comes Around 4:04
03 Can’t Be A Player (If You A 3:55
04 Apocalypse (feat. Lil Rob) 4:56
05 61909 (feat. O.D.M.) 4:03
06 Me & My Shadow 3:48
07 Excited (feat. Mr. Lil One) 4:20
08 Nobody Does It Like We Can 3:58
(feat. VMF)
09 El Matador 3:18
10 Go Ahead (feat. Lil Rob) 3:34
11 Let The Mayhem Begin 4:10
12 Rumours (feat. Lil Rob) 3:55
13 Shadow Of Your Death 4:55
14 Excited 2 4:18
15 Nielson, Bundy & Clyde 4:06
16 Beware 4:38


Mr. Shadow’s debut LP ‘Till I Die’ from ’99. A classic record that, almost 20
years after it’s release, is still on regular rotation in many a lowrider from

I must admit that I am not the world’s biggest fan of chicano rap — no
disrespect/offense intended, it just never resonated with me as strongly as it
does with others. That said, I still consider this album to be at the pinnacles
of that sub-genre. It’s certainly my personal favorite and, IMO, holds it’s own
against many other records of the era, chicano/latino or not.

These guys are no joke, and even better: they were still young, raw & hungry
back in 1999! That’s readily evident right out the gate on this CD — it starts
off with a BANG!@! lions & tigers & bears OH MY!! track #1 I will never get
tired of hearing, ever. I’ve been bangin that shit LOUD for damn near 20 years
at this point and I still love the sound. I can get jiggy with this all day.

Mr Shadow, and the featured artists, all rap their asses off over some classic,
slumpin, hood beats on this album. The production remains consistant and solid
all the way through to the end. Mr. Shadow is no slouch on the mic, either. He
can spit fast rhymes or slow the tempo down when needed, as well as switch
between the two styles seamlessly while keeping in time. That’s not easy to do
and have it sound as natural as it does here.

This album is well made, and it sounds great. I still consider it an absolute
classic LP even tho I’m not that big into chicano stuff. And I’m not alone —
even folks who are chicano/latino rap die-hards hold it in high regard and
recommend it strongly. They’re not kidding – it’s well worth checking out! Enjoy
this classic, quality, rap music from artists who actually DO the crazy shit
they talk about in their rhymes. For better or worse, these guys ain’t no kind
of studio gangsters. And these beats are so damn satisfying!
Production Credits
All Songs produced & arranged by VMF for VMF Productions.
This album was originally supposed to be credited to The Mayhem Click, which was
the name Mr. Shadow and Lil Rob went by when they were a duo. However, the group
split and they have traded diss tracks back and forth ever since. I had not
followed the backstory closely, and I incorrectly assumed that surely, by now –
all these years later, they had likely squashed it. NOPE – the beef remains to
this very day.

I can’t pretend to be an expert in chicano rap or it’s surrounding culture, but
from what I can gather online and from talking with people much better versed in
it than I am, the underlying issue to their beef is a familiar one: “Where you
from, fool?!” Lil Rob claims to have been born & raised in San Diego, however
Mr. Shadow says that he is lying and is actually from Solana Beach. This may not
sound like that big of a deal to you or I, but to latino gangs it’s an offense
that could carry with it a death sentence. It’s very real and they take it
seriously. Let’s hope it doesn’t escalate any further and they agree to disagree
& keep making music.

Enjoy the bumps! More classics comin’…


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