Pathologic 2 Update 3-CODEX

rlsop May 30, 2019



Download: pathologic.2.update.3-codex.rar

Update 3:
improved memory usage (loading and relaunching the game now requires less memory);
lowered the amount of memory required by the shader cache;
lowered video memory usage.
AI Fixes:
improved corpsmen behavior a bit;
plague clouds are now better at despawning;
NPCs react faster when someone attacks their allies;
fixed soldier animations (they correlate better with their behavior patterns now);
fixed NPC behavior upon surrendering;
improved NPC navigation;
fixed the lack of fighting animations for some NPCs in rare quest-related situations.
Quest and Logic Fixes:
(NB!) crucial items no longer have a chance to disappear upon the player leaving the Abattoir;
fixed an unfortunate bug that made all items disappear from the player’s hideout;
fixed the start and end conditions for some quests (e.g., Saburov will no longer try to capture you after he’s done with trying to capture you);
fixed the issues with the quest about Father’s house;
in the quest that has you barter with the townsfolk, the game now correctly displays the fact that it improves your reputation;
some quest-related items now properly disappear when their time is due instead of lingering in the game world;
fixed some unfortunate phrases and name errors;
fixed the bug that made some doors lock on you in quest-related situations;
fixed some dialogue condition errors;
fixed the wrong thoughts (and in the game).
Animation Fixes:
NPCs are now better at following the player with their faces and eyes;
minor fixes to women’s movement;
minor fixes to facial animations;
more natural poses in some dialogue animations;
soldiers’ aiming is no longer jerky.
Visual Fixes:
burned people now produce prettier smoke;
some characters no longer float above their designated places (happy landing);
improved the shadows on Aglaya’s face;
improved the look of fire (and made it less bright);
minor collision fixes;
fixed visual glitches on fences;
improved the shadows cast by table lamps;
the lighting in the Lump has become slightly prettier;
improved the overall quality of indoor lighting, especially through doorways;
fixed the village quay;
now some detailed models load from further away (making the game a bit prettier);
fixed jerky camera movement;
partially fixed the incorrect blood particles upon hitting the opponent;
the grass now looks more even from afar;
fixed the look of the crosses drawn on doors;
fixed the blinking tooltips on the map (happened when the cursor was placed on a character portrait);
fixed trembling dialogue options (it was a bug, not a compelling storytelling technique).
Audio Fixes:
audio balance generally improved;
restored music to the Crucible (Victor’s wing);
improved revolver and rifle sounds;
added music to the Nutshell.
made a single notch of the gamma slider twice as small, meaning it’s now easier to fine-tune it;
added VSync options to the graphic settings, that allows to set the FPS to ½, ?, or ¼ of you display refresh rate (improves performance at the cost of FPS);
fixed the bug on the “Load Game” screen that made the Load and Delete Save buttons active even in the absence of a valid save;
stealth is now active for the duration of the button being pressed, not toggled;


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